There are various way to weight loss programme. One of the method use is exercise equipment. These are devices used during physical activity to enhance the strength by providing either fixed or adjustable amounts of resistance. Footgear, gloves, and hydration packs may also consider as exercise equipment too. Equipment may also be machines which aid in weight loss such as slimming machines, slimming suits, slimming belts and etc.. It is very important to use the equipment properly as it may lead from mild to serious injuries if it use inappropriately.

Slimming Equipment

  • Slimming Machines
  • Slimming machines is suitable for anyone wishing to tone and firm muscles without the effect of going to the gym. Simulation from the electrical microcurrent also increases circulation to the skin thereby improving texture and tone as well as reducing the appearance of cellulite.

  • Slimming Suit Detox Machine

  • This slimming suits used air pressure to create compression and infrared to penetrate deeper into the skin to break down fat cells hence reduce the formation of cellulite.

  • Waist Slimming Belt
  • This device is created to provide your back the help it needs. It also helps to strengthen weaken muscles by providing support and compression to the abdomen without restricting breathing or muscle redevelopment. It gives firm yet gentle support to the abdominal muscles for post pregnancy, surgeries such as ceasarean, liposuction, or hysterectomy and reduces pain symptom too.

  • Exercise Equipment
  • Going to a gym or brisk walking, or doing outdoor activities can be a chore to some people. Thinking of changing to gym attire and going to the fitness centre can be quite frustrating at times. Going for walk in a hot and humid weather or cold and dry weather can be quite challenging and eventually you will lose interest to continue with your exercise regime. Exercise equipment will ensure that you get your daily workout, no matter what and also provides with the flexibility of choosing your own time. It allows you to train wherever you like, be it in a the bedroom, or in front of your television. You may want to plan and get advise from the experts as its not always easy to select best exercise equipment that suits your budget, fitness level and personal needs. It is recommended to make a choice that matches your fitness needs, especially if you are planning on using your machines on a regular basis.


  • Why cardio is so important
  • The most effective way to perform cardio is with high intensity workout with short intervals. This will help to trigger your metabolism which increases your heart rate tremendously and melt away your fat without losing your muscle tone. Short high-intensity interval cardio is so effective, that you'll keep burning calorie around the clock up to 48 hrs after your workout over. The higher the intensity of the activity, the more oxygen & energy are needed to store your body. As a result your body continue to burn calories for up to 48 hrs after the workout. All you need to do is just doing a shorter, high intensity workout everyday to lose weight faster and stop doing longer workout. If you want to burn massive amount of calories and tighten and tone your entire body, you need to do full body functional exercise.

  • Best Cardio Workout
  • Cardio is the most important things you can do for your body, whether you want to lose weight, burn fat or improve your health. The great thing is, there are plenty of choices for cardio exercise. Anything that gets your heart rate into your target heart rate zone will work. The best choice is the one you enjoy doing and the one you'll work hardest at to burn calories and fat. Just remember that you have to do a short intervals, high intensity workout that suits you.

  • 30-60-90 Mixed Interval Workout
  • This 40-minute workout takes you through a high intensity interval training workout that not only burns tons of calories, but helps you build endurance and increase your anaerobic threshold. You'll be switching between 30,60,and 90 second intervals with equal resting periods, taking you to through different levels of intensity. You can do this workout on any cardio machine or with any outdoor activity.

  • Cardio for Weight Loss
  • How cardio helps you lose weight you already know that lose weight when you burn more calories than you eat. The best way to do that is with a combination of cardio, strength training, and a healthy diet. Cardio is a key component because: -You burn calories at one time - Getting your heart rate into your target heart rate zone means your blood is pumping, you're breathing hard, you're sweating and burning calories. -You can easily add intensity to increase your calorie burn. -Burning calorie with exercise means you don't have to cut as many calories from your diet. -You can do cardio most days of the week. With strength training, your muscles require rest to recover and grow stronger. Cardio can be done most days of the week without worrying about injury or overtraining.

The Exercise Myths That Hold You Back

  • Myth: "If I exercise, I can eat what I want."
  • The truth about weight loss is 80% food you eat, and 20% exercise. The most hardest part is to get rid of bad diet because weight loss starts and ends in the kitchen. Working out is the easy part - it's the other hours of the day that you have to learn to be disciplined about what you put in your mouth. Exercise makes you lose weight quicker and ensures you can sustain your weight loss, but on the other hand if you continue eating junk food, no matter how much you train, the pounds will never drop. To lose weight, you have to plan your diet so that your calorie does not soar up despite your exercise. If you have cravings for junk food, don't deprive yourself. Have a small amount, just three bites to satisfy your cravings. More than that is strictly forbidden.

  • Myth 2: Celebrity Bodies are Attainable
  • The truth is, a celebrity often have to train for a role or red-carpet event and they have to look good in front of camera and photoshoots. They have to make time for exercise to get a perfect body as it's part of a celebrity's job to look good. It takes time to get into celebrity shape. A-listers celebrity usually have to workout under pressure in a shortest period of time possible just to achieve amazing result for the role and red-carpets. Real people's life aren't like that. What you should do is to become the best version of yourself. Be realistic. Aim to be a healthier, stronger and leaner. Comparing yourself to a celebrity is being unrealistic and simply setting yourself up to fail.

  • Myth 3:If a regime works, stick to it
  • The truth is, you have to vary your exercise routine to get a maximum fitness and to lose weight. If you do the same exercise routine all the time, your body will work less and less hard until it doesn't feel like a workout any more. It will get so use to the routine that it'll not respond anymore as your body always finding some new task to do. Mix it up for long-term results. Varying your routine will yield greater results.

  • Myth 4: Cardio is the best way to lose weight.
  • The truth is if you want to achieve best results than you have to mix cardio with strength, weight and resistance training. You can spread the routine throughout the week not having to do all the routines in a day. You may want to aim for 40% cardio and 60% resistance training - either mixing the two in one workout or, make it two days a week of cardio, three days a week of strength or resistance training. You will look leaner mixing cardio with strength, weight and resistance training. Sticking solely to cardio exercises encourages your body to become more efficient at storing fat. Its imperative to mix it up. While resistance training might not get the quick weight-loss results of cardio, it will achieve great 'fat-loss' results. Remember that 'fat takes up 19% more space than muscle, so you'll get a more tone look if you combine the two. Skipping is a great option as a cardiovascular training if you're short on space and squats, lunges and lifting hand weights also great for strength training. You need to add additional load to your body so you burn more calories and tone muscles more efficiently.

Slimming Machines For Home Use

  • Home Cavitation Slimming System (Cavi EVO+)
  • This is the most advanced cavitation machine for fat reduction and body slimming, developed both for home use and beauty salons. Combined with LED Photon technology, it dissolves fat tissues more effectively and efficiently than cavitation treatment alone. It adopts the 3rd generation cavitation technology using integrated ultrasonic transducer, which generates high stable ultrasonic frequency with less noise. It provides true cavitation energy with low cost. It performance is as powerful as large professional cavitation machines. It is not only suitable for home use but also beauty salons with low-budgets. This machine gives instant weight loss result. It is completely safe, no side effect and no downtime with long-lasting result. It is also pain-free and comfortable treatment with easy and simple operation steps.

  • Ultralipo II) The ultimate body slimming and skin tightening system
  • It is portable, cost-effective and professional machine, integrated 4 technologies in one system. It is proven non-invasive cavitation fat reduction. It has 5MHZ Multipolar RF with Vacuum suction for skin tightening. Ultrasonic cavitation technology is a non-invasive technology based on ultrasonic waves which generates empty micro bubbles in the liquid situated in the interior of the adipose tissue. Its repeated action causes the accumulation of these micro bubbles, which causes the fat cells to implode and collapse. The result is the destruction of the adipose cells transforming the fat nodules into liquid substances that the body removes in a natural way through the lymphatic system. Derma vacuum massage increases oxygenated blood flow and nutrition, as well as encourage the removal of liquids carrying waste and stimulating the metabolic activity of cellular elements. This machine helps in cellulite reduction, body contouring and shaping, also for deep fat blasting. It also helps in skin tightening and rejuvenate, improve elasticity and tone and general reduction of waist, abdomen and buttocks.

  • Low Level Laser Body Slimming System
  • Low level laser (LLL) body slimming system which emits low level of laser energy stimulates the fat cell membranes and change their permeability. The fat cells lose their round shape, and intracellular fat is released. Thus, the fatty triglycerides flow out of the disrupted cell membranes and into the interstitial space, from which they gradually pass through the body's natural metabolic functions with no harmful physiological effects. The fatty triglycerides is to be used as an energy source for the body. The whole process does not alter neighboring structures such as the skin, blood vessels, and peripherals nerves. Different from other fat reduction technology such as infra light and ultrasound, it is not merely the liquefaction of fat but rather the instant breakdown of fat cells, which is also known as lipolysis. It is the latest innovative technology for reducing fat and reshaping body. It is completely non-invasive, no side effect and no downtime. This machine is for intensive physical lipolysis for fat reduction, reshape body figure, body slimming and cellulite reduction and also promote and accelerate body metabolism.

  • RF MONA II- Monopolar RF Facial and Body Care System
  • The treatment sithe is placed between the plates of a capactor and becomes the dielectric. The RF energy is diffused through the part of the body locate between the plate electrodes. The oscillating fields produce distortion of molecules, rotation of dipoles and vibration of ions. The movement of the molecules and ions generates heat within the tissues. The heat caused by interaction of RF energy and dermal resistance can reach dermal layer to heat up and stimulate the collagen fibers, making them regenerate and re-arrange, which can help the skin in better condition. It helps in skin lifting and skin tightening, wrinkle removal, body shaping and fat reduction, and also for collagen stimulation and generation.

Side Effects of Equipment/ Machines

  • Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)
  • Essentially, this technology theoretically works by using a 635nm laser to create a hole in the fat cell, ultimately causing it to deflate. Then, the lipids or fat is carried away by the body's natural systemic flow and excreted. Typically, studies have shown that LLLT can work with other therapies such as liposuction. However, when use alone, its efficacy data is very limited. There are minimal to no side-effects with this procedure.

  • Focused Ultrasound
  • In this procedure, ultrasound waves are focused directly on the fat layer whereby sound waves attack fat cells, inducing them to heat up and then ultimately die off. Since the ultrasound is specified to only the fat, there is no damage to surrounding tissue and the contents of the fat cells are carried away by the body's natural lymphatic flow. Large-scale studies have shown that using ultrasound technology can reduce your abdominal girth by nearly 4.7 cm on an average with the results maintained even after 12 weeks. These results led the US FDA to robustly approve this therapy for fat loss. The side-effects for ultrasound technology is minimal and are usually limited to some mild redness. Some patients, in the case of high-intensity ultrasound therapy, may have some mild, localised tenderness which will resolve after some time.

  • Radiofrequency
  • These days, the trend is combining technologies to exponentially improve the results from body contouring therapies. When combined, they increased fat and inch loss while also improving cellulite and loose skin. The results are significantly better from traditional, single therapy solutions. And due to added benefit of radiofrequency, the skin texture and tightness also improves. The result is long-term and are US FDA proven and approved. Some machine provides lymphatic massage which helps dissipate any residual fat thereby augmenting fat loss. This lymphatic massage is vital to promoting and maintaining long-term body contouring. Side effects: Essentially there may be some mild redness or bruising, but otherwise, this combination is entirely safe, pain-free and risk-free.

There are many advance state-of-the-art machines and equipment out there in the market. All this products promise to give you effective results in a shortest time if you use it properly. Exercise equipment can be a better choice if you are an active person compared to machines. Others may find it a hassle to go for exercise so machines is another alternative to lose weight. Whether exercise equipment or slimming machines, both will have their pros and cons and as long as you abide by the rules and regulations of the products, it will be a fun and easy way to loss weight.

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